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Custom Hypnosis Audio Recordings

Your Journey, Your Personalized Audio

  • 1 h
  • 85 Canadian dollars
  • Online Session

Benefits of Hypnosis

"Custom Hypnosis Audio Recordings" by Healing Mynz Hypnosis offer a unique, personal approach to hypnosis. Tailored to your individual needs, our recordings are crafted to support your specific goals, whether for personal development, emotional healing, or specific challenges like stress reduction or habit change. Experience Tailored Hypnosis: *Specific to Your Needs: We create recordings addressing your unique goals and challenges. *Convenient and Flexible: Enjoy hypnosis at your comfort, fitting into your schedule. *High-Quality Audio: Clear, immersive audio enhances your hypnosis experience. Key Questions for Your Custom Recording: *Primary Goal: What is your main goal for this recording? *Previous Hypnosis Experience: Any prior experiences with hypnosis? *Specific Challenges: Any particular challenges you want to address? *Desired Outcomes: What outcomes are you hoping to achieve? *Relaxation Preferences: Any preferred background sounds or narratives? *Suggestibility Style: Do you respond better to direct or indirect suggestions? *Sensitivities: Any topics or words to avoid in the session? *Motivational Factors: What motivates or inspires you? *Session Length Preference: Do you prefer a continuous or segmented recording? *Listening Frequency: How often do you plan to listen to the recording? *Background Sounds: Any specific background sounds or music preferences? *Concluding the Session: Preferred way to end the session (e.g., awakening, relaxation)? *Feedback for Adjustments: Are you open to providing feedback for future adjustments? Book Your Personalized Session: Contact Healing Mynz Hypnosis to create your bespoke hypnosis recording, crafted just for you.

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